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Linear Racks

Linear Rack and Drive Mechanism

The comb drives (top and right) rotate the main drive gear, which is meshed with a linear rack. This mechanism converts rotational motion into linear motion to perform work.

Linear Rack Close-up

Close-up of linear rack, rack guides, drive gear, and drive linkage.

Drive Gear

A close-up of the drive gear, linear rack and guide.

Drive Gear Interaction

The meshed gear teeth of the drive gear and the linear rack.

Rack Height

This view was captured at an angle to show the relative height of the device over the plane of the wafer.

Rack Structure

This close-up SEM allows us to see the 3D structure of the linear rack.

Teeth in Detail

Here is a close-up of the teeth on the linear rack.

Double-sided Rack

A two-sided rack that is propelled by a transmission and drives a mirror up, out of plane.

Single-sided Rack

The gear driving this single-sided linear rack is positioned at approximately a 45 degree angle to the rack.

Rack Close-up

A close-up view of the single-sided linear rack.

Rack Structure

This image, taken at an angle, shows the multi-layered structure of a linear rack.

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