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Silicon Mirror and Drive System

A mirror system design; in this system the mirror is elevated by a three-gear torque-multiplying system. The mirror is shown in the upright position.

Silicon Mirror Assembly Close-up

Close-up view of previous device; detail of rails and hinges is visible.

Polysilicon Mirror Assembly Close-up

A fixed-end view of the elevated mirror and the drive assembly.

Hinged Polysilicon Mirror and Drive Motors

Polysilicon layers fabricated to "fold" on hinges as motors drive linear racks, thereby tilting the flat mirror structure out of plane.

Polysilicon Mirror Hinge Close-up

High-magnification view of one of the hinges on our mirrors.

Pop-up Polysilicon Mirror

Aerial view of a pop-up mirror.

Transmission, Rack, and Polysilicon Mirror

The transmission and linear rack elevate the mirror located in the lower-right of the frame.

Pop-up Polysilicon Mirror

This image of a pop-up mirror, taken at an angle, includes the Sandia National Laboratories Thunderbird Logo and the hinges on the linear rack.

Polysilicon Mirror Hinge

Please note the complex design of the hinge. This device is batch fabricated, with no assembly required.

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