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Optical Encoders⁄Shutters

Optical Encoders

Four optical encoder wheels. Each wheel has four positions (00, 01, 10, 11) which can be switched mechanically. One of four signals from fixed-position lasers will be reflected, based on the position of the main encoder wheel.

Optical Encoder

Close-up of an optical encoder gear.

Optical Shutter Device

In this image are the comb drive motors, linkage mechanisms, and the large optical shutter. Because of the guide rails, the shutter can be rotated at very high speeds.

Close-up of Optical Shutter and Guide Tails

The guide rails are necessary to keep the optical shutter (large) gear from tilting out of plane when torque is applied by the drive (small) gear.

Optical Shutter and Drive Gear

Please note the intricate design of the hub of the drive gear.

Close-up of Optical Shutter and Drive Gear

In this image it is possible to see the clamp attached to the substrate, and the pin joint and hub fit together.

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