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Dynamic SEMS

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Quicktime (428K)

Comb Drive Close-up

This is a close-up view of a microengine comb drive in operation. The visual contrast changes with the electrostatic charge.

Quicktime (550K)

Comb Drive Wide Field

This video presents a wider view of the visual contrast changes.

Quicktime (562K)

Signal Lines

The lines delivering the drive signal to the comb drives of our running microengine are visible in this video. As above, the visual contrast changes with the applied voltage.

Quicktime (428K)

Bond Pad

In the lower left corner of these frames, is the wire which transmits the drive signal from the power source. The wire is attached to the bond pad of the microengine, from which the signal flows along traces to the microengine.

Quicktime (396K)

Gear Powered by Microengine

This is a gear being driven by one of our microengines. The SEM provides unprecedented magnification, although when viewing moving objects, real-time, the detail visible is a fraction of that of a still image.

Quicktime (454K)

Gear Hub Close-up

This is a close-up look at the hub of a moving gear. The greatest advantage of running MEMS in an SEM is the ability to view wear on moving parts, real-time, at extreme magnifications.

Quicktime (505K)

Linkage Arm and Comb Drive

The linkage arm and comb drive, using our voltage visual contrast technique to show where the voltage is as it drives the engine.

Quicktime (511K)

Comb Drive Wide View

Here is a wider view of the microengine in operation, which more clearly shows how the voltage changes on the combs pull and release the engine so that it moves back and forth like a piston.

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