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Agile Prototyping

Because a MEMS fabrication capability is costly to implement, it is prudent to prototype devices or systems prior to making such an important strategic investment. By utilizing Sandia's fabrication capabilities, you can obtain prototypes with high impact to your programs for a nominal fee. Many SUMMiT V SAMPLES™ Program modules containing new designs have already been fabricated for customers participating in the SAMPLES™ Program.

SAMPLES™ modules are fabricated with the SUMMiT V™ Process Reticle size:

  • 1.27 cm X 1.65 cm
  • Diagnostic devices help characterize fab process
  • Customer receives 200 unreleased die
  • Fabrication cost is shared among customers (see pricing)

The SUMMiT V™ Fabrication Process is a batch fabrication process using conventional IC processing tools. Using this technology, high volume, low-cost production can be achieved. The processing challenges, including topography and film stress, are overcome using methods similar to those used in the SUMMiT™ Process: topography issues are mitigated by using Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP) to achieve planarization, and stress is maintained at low levels using a proprietary process.

Foreign entities need to contact us at memsinfo@sandia.gov to discuss export control issues and pricing.
Sandia has licensed the SUMMiT IV and V machining processing technology to Fairchild Semiconductor who will fabricate for third parties.

Customers Currently Fabricating in SUMMiT V

"We have found the SAMPLES program to be a quick and affordable way to test our new ideas. We have participated in many of the SAMPLES runs and in all cases the results exceeded our expectations. The... program is a great way for a small company to get a new effort off the ground. Sandia has been a great partner and a significant asset to our efforts. In all cases, Sandia has gone above and beyond to meet our needs."
Paul McWhorter, CTO & Founder MEMX Inc.

Iris AO, Inc.
"Iris AO has used the SUMMiT technology with great success. We are very impressed with the versatility and quality of the process. It is truly a superb process that lends itself well to prototyping and production."
Michael Helmbrecht, President & CEO, Founder Iris AO, Inc.

Iris AO Adaptive Optics Presentation


Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

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