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Sandia MEMS Design Tool Suite

Sandia's has updated the MEMS Design Tools Suite for university and commercial use.

The suite features include...

  • Optional metal bond pads
  • Compatibility with AutoCAD versions 2010-2013
  • Design templates
  • Component generators
  • An Internet-based design rule checker
  • A virtual 2D cross-section tool
  • A 3D solid model generator Interfaces to FEA analysis programs

The suite's two CDs — Advanced MEMS Design Tools and MEMS Visualization Tools — can now be used with the latest version of AutoCAD. The package also includes enhancements for designing in SUMMiT™, LIGA, and user-specified technologies.

Introduction to Sandia SUMMiT V Design Tools

"SUMMiT V Five Level Surface Micromachining Technology Design Manual"

Contact MEMS at Sandia: memsinfo@sandia.gov

by James J. Allen

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MEMS Bibliography

MEMS Bibliography
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